Care Guide

Welcome to our Care Guide. Here we would like to show you how best to clean your favorite BLAUMAX parts and how to keep them in their original properties for as long as possible. 

Here are 10 steps for proper washing care:

  1. Always store your dirty laundry in a breathable laundry bag that allows air to circulate.
  2. Look carefully at the instructions on the care label.
  3. Follow the temperature instructions on the label and use the correct detergent (color, white and mild detergent).
  4. White and light fabrics go into the washing machine together, as do dark and colorful laundry.
  5. Even if the label allows a higher temperature, most textiles get clean at 30 or 40 degrees. This is gentler and uses less energy.
  6. For some items of clothing such as jeans, dark colors and other solid fabrics it is advisable to use the “Inside Out” method.
  7. Short washes are better because they don't use as much water? Incorrect! The longer a washing program lasts, the more energy and costs you save.
  8. Items made from delicate materials such as silk are marked with a “delicate” label and we recommend handwashing these items only.
  9. Do something good for your clothes and our environment and avoid the dryer. Most clothes last longer and retain their shape when dried slowly on a drying rack or hanger.
  10. Only allow woolen and knitted clothing to dry lying flat on a drying rack.

Happy Washing!