The fiber from beech wood

The fibers of the future

Sustainability in the textile industry is becoming increasingly important. But how do you keep track? When it comes to sustainable fashion, it all starts with choosing the right materials. Sustainable fibers are biodegradable and their disposal has less impact on the climate.

Modal: a sustainable fiber of natural origin

Modal belongs to the viscose family and is a vegetable fiber made from beech wood and produced through photosynthesis. Cellulose is obtained from plant fibers and therefore differs from synthetic chemical fibers. Other viscose products besides modal are Lyocell and Tencel.

100% of the wood is used in the production of Modal. In contrast to cotton, modal is considered more sustainable because less water and energy is required during production and processing. The pulp is dissolved using non-toxic solvents and without caustic soda.

Light as a feather and silky to wear

Modal is similar to cotton in terms of wearing comfort. The fabric is soft, flowing, elastic and ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. In addition, the natural fiber has many other excellent properties:

  • renewable raw material
  • has a higher strength than normal viscose
  • the fiber is breathable, absorbent and soft. Even softer than cotton
  • offers a high level of comfort with direct skin contact
  • enables a special silky, shiny and bright white appearance
  • more resistant to soda or soap