Please stop us with fashion. Fashion – what is it?
Show individuality?
And then why do you all look the same?
Color of the season? Cuts from today?
And tomorrow again from yesterday – back to the start.

Well bravo! You really thought that out cleverly. And then also: Fast Fashion…!?!
You know what: F*ck fashion!

But: Love Style.
You don't need style, style needs you.
Style is you, ultimately.
Your favorite pieces that you live in.
Things that are as good as you. Yes, it really exists, the love that lasts forever.
And, hand on heart:
Clothes aren't that important.
Somehow it's a jacket like pants.
In any case, everything is not as important as you.
Because where you are is max. And max is blue.
F*ck fashion. Love style.


BLAUMAX is aware of the consequences of its ecological actions and faces the challenge of taking measures to act ethically, socially and ecologically based on its sphere of influence. We are aware that BLAUMAX's activities have a positive influence on living standards, freedom, health and the environment.

BLAUMAX is prepared not to downgrade this responsibility into a sales argument, but would like to base its actions on organic farming, sustainable production and fair trade as a matter of course. We see an important contribution as designers of a fashion collection in the fight against the throwaway society.

Our goal is not only to create modern and beautiful products, but also to strive for a design that will be enjoyed for a long time and will not be thrown away after just one season.


BLAUMAX started in Vienna in 1978 as a trading company with retail stores selling designer labels.

In 1988 the first branch store in the name of BLAUMAX was established.

Soon BLAUMAX started with its own collection and since 2007 the products are distributed and available in the finest stores around Europe.

Already with the beginning of the first collection in the 90s, BLAUMAX was inspired with the spirit of the fashion at this time.

Focus is on creating quality designs in neoclassical cuts.

The philosophy is an uncomplicated approach to fashion, providing the customer with quality, stylistically confident self pieces.

Many of the styles are carried for seasons and are readily available for the wholesale customers from an extensive stock in Vienna.